We are a small US company that started with a Mom and a passion for non-toxic and eco-friendly living.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

Caveman Cups are designed to survive. All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects and a 90-day no questions ask, Satisfaction Guarantee. Simple!

Our Mission

To provide exceptional service and create high-quality eco-friendly products that make life safer and easier for families like yours.

State of the Art Fulfillment

We partner exclusively with Amazon for the fulfillment and distribution of our retail products.

Safe for Your Family

Our products are designed for safety, durability and sustainability. In addition to our rigorous in-house testing and research, we have our products tested by FDA-approved laboratories for purity and quality. There are no added chemicals, coatings, paint or plastics. Pure and simple!

Privacy Policy

We will never sell or share your information. It’s that simple!