We designed these bowls to be easier on parents. They are stackable, packable, and light.

Our exclusive Cub Bowls won’t dent when they hit the floor because they are twice as thick as other steel bowls on the market.

Superior to chemical plastic, breakable glass/ ceramic or flimsy metal bowls of low grade steel with those rolled or crimped rims that trap old food and dishwater.

Quality bowls that are durable, safe, stylish, dishwasher safe, completely free of toxins and are sized right for your children.

The Cub Bowl is our exclusive design, made for small hands, with a wide base for stability.

Not too big and not too small. Designed to grow with your kids, the 11 ounce size is perfect for pureed meals, cereals, snacks or stews.

Perfect for 18 months and up! We make them thicker than the competition so they don’t dent if they hit the floor.