Our Pint Cups does not collect dirty dishwater and food debris, ensuring you are not exposed to moldy detritis growing under the rim.

No more scrubbing out the rims of your steel cups with a toothbrush! Our Extreme Use Stainless are twice as thick dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible.

Superior to chemical plastic cups, breakable glass cups or thin, easily dented double walled metal cups or thin steel cups with those rolled rims that trap old food and dishwater.

Durable, safe, stylish, easy to clean and completely free of toxins. Perfect size for ages 7 and to adult. Soft brushed finish with no sidewall logo (only on bottom) or loud colors ensure timeless style that will outlast fads and trends, making these heirloom quality cups truly retainable.

Caveman Cups offers a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 90-Day, money-back guarantee as well as a LIFETIME WARRANTY on manufacturer defects.